Table of contents

General information

The event will start at 09.30. The total length of the route will be around 90 kilometers. The start, lunchbreak and finish will be in the same location. More information on the exact route and the coffee and tea breaks will be published a few weeks before the event on this site and trough our facebook page. The route is marked with orange arrows with a letter on them: L for left, R for right and S straight on.


There are no fuel stations along the route were riding. You have to make sure to bring a sufficient quantity of fuel, so you will be able to refuel during the lunchbreak if needed.

Service vehicle

The partcipants are followed by a service vehicle that will pick up stranded machines and their riders. You will be provided with a phonenumber to contact this crew during the day if needed. The serviceteam will leave the starting location approximately 30 minutes after the last participant has started.


We encourige participants to wear clothing that fit teh timeperiod of their machine. Wearing a safe and certified helmet is compulsary in the other hand.

Final presentation

The final presentation including the pricegiving ceremony will take place at the inner court of the Prison museum in Veenhuizen.

Regulation HorsePowerRun

The International HorsePowerRun will start at the Nationaal Gevangenismuseum (National Prison Museum) at the Oude Gracht 1 in Veenhuizen. The 41th edition is scheduled for Sunday, April the 21th, 2024.

The following rules apply.

  1. Vehicle
    The registered vehicle must fall in one of the following categories:
    • solo machine
    • machine with sidecar
    • tricycle/forecars

The vehicle may not be manufactured any later than December 31st, 1920.
In case the vehicle has not started before in the HorsePowerRun, one must prove it to be a valid vehicle through one of the following two options:

  1. through corresponding the number of the pioneer certificate for said machine, on the registration form or by email; or
  2. through providing evidence in the form of dated documents (folders, brochures, date of brand publication, VMC dating certificate, motor and frame numbers, etc.) to our organization by email.
  3. Driver’s license
    The participant must be in possession of a valid driver’s license for the registered vehicle.
  4. Registration certificate and insurance
    The participant needs to be in possession of a valid registration certificate of the registered vehicle. This vehicle must be insured on the day of the event.
  5. Changing rider and/or vehicle
    To start the event with a different vehicle than registered is not allowed unless this has been made known to the organization. The latest this can be done is on the day of the event, before the start, at the registrationdesk.
    Changing the rider and/or vehicle once the event has started is not allowed.
  6. Check in on the day of the event
    On the day of the event, the participant is asked to report at the secretariat between 7.30 am and 9.00 am. The secretariat will be in the hall next to the restaurant of the Prison Museum.
    • The participant needs to sign a document in which the participant declares the organization to not hold any responsibility towards the participant and its vehicle. The participant takes part in his own risk.
      The organization is insured through the Dutch Vintage Motorcycle Club for liability.
    • The participant receives the programme booklet, consumption tickets for the event, and a starting number that needs to be attached to the vehicle.
  7. Motorbike Mat
    You are required to use a motorbike mat to deal with possible dripping oil/fuel when parking your vehicle. The minimal size for this mat is 80 by 50 centimeters. You are allowed to bring your own suitable mat, or you can buy one for €5 via the HorsePowerRun.
  8. Costs
    By advance payment, the costs for participation are €35 per vehicle.
    Costs for passengers (like inside a sidecar) are €25.